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You must design a necklace where daggers are the main protagonists.
You may use either 3/10 or 5/16 daggers, with one or two holes.
You may add to the final design other accesories such as findings, beads, seed beads, textile items and so on, but these must not overpower daggers.
The design must be yours, though it may be similar to any preexisting, it must not be identical and should include any modification.

Photos must be submited until 09/November/2012 (inclusive).
The Challenge will begin on 12/November/2012, with the display of all photos and will start the popular vote.
On 21/November/2012 popular vote will finish and half of the designs will be out of the challenge (those designs worst rated).
On 23/November/2012 winner will be announced.

To participate in the Great Challenge its essential to be customer of Beads Perles Boutique, no other condition.
Wordwide customers are welcome, with or without blog.

To participate you must send a unique photo os your design to this e-mail: beads.perles.boutique@gmail.com
1.- The photo must show only the participant design, although you can use decorative elements, the only piece of jewelry shown must be the participant one.
2.- Photo must me correctly focused and show most of the design.
3.- The photo can be signed or not but, but the sign must not hide part of the design.
4.- The photo size must not be less than 1000x600 pixels and no matter if it is horizontal or vertical.

When you submit your photo you must provide, at least, one of the following:
a) Customer number
b) Name and surname
c) E-mail address (the one you use to sign in on Beads Perles Boutique)

It will be up to each participant whether to display his/her design or ask for a vote on the social networks (blogger, flickr, facebook, forums, twitter, tuenty…).

May vote all those persons that have created an account at Beads Perles Boutique dated prior to the announcement of The Great Challenge (21/September/2012)
Each person may only vote for one design.

The selection of the winner will be divided into 3 phases:
Phase 1. Participation acceptance. When a photo is received, an e-mail will be sent to the artist to comunicate him or her if his/her photo is accepted. If not accepted, not to meet any of the requirements, as long as there is still time enough, the artist will be provided with the guidelines to submit a new photo.
Phase 2. Popular vote. As a result of the popular vote half of the designs will be out of the Challenge.
Phase 3. Winner selection. The winner will be selected among the shortlisted pieces in Phase 2. The decision will depend on 3 votes, Beads Perles Boutique's vote and the one of two manufacturers of Czech Glass daggers. Each member of the jury will have 100 points to spread, 25 for each Selection Criteria. The design with more points will be the winner.

It will be evaluated:
- The aesthetic beauty of the design (harmony, color combination, etc)
- Innovation and originality of the design
- The quality of realization
- The presentation of the piece

The prize is a Beads Perles Boutique's kit worth €100 that will be sent the last week of November. Shipping cost will be paid by Beads Perles Boutique.
Beads Perles Boutique reserves the right to provide any additional special award decided only by Beads Perles' sole discretion.

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